About Midgard

"Personal data collection is being 'weaponized against us with militarty efficiency'"

Apple CEO - Tim Cook

In the Information Age, each person produces an average of 0.5 GB of data per day. Do you really know, how many accounts do you have?And what kind of information about you is public on the Internet? Large companies own the most of our personal data, but we don't know what they know about us, how they use it and how they share it. Your public data represent your identity in the digital enviroment. If you don't care of your data, nobody will.

Midgard is a platform for managing personal information. Data scraping and data profiling by Artificial Intelligence lets you see your public information and who has access to it. Midgard will provide you with your own data to regain control by helping you to analyze manage and share it. Through a combination of software and hardware we enable you to connect with a digitalized environment to utilize and benefit from your own data independently.


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Bring your data with you and custimize your own service

A Portable Data Bank

Custimize the environment around you with your digital identity.

Data Network

Stay informed

Through Data Scraping you get an overview of the distribution of your data and what it's used for.

Digital Twin

Know your self

The function "Digital Twin" is a mirror image of your digital identity based on your public data.


Get the control

You can add data sources, prevent data streams, or remove incoreect data from the internet to gain full controll over your data emission

Data Sharing

Data usability

Data is the new oil. You should be able to profit from your own data and decide how your data will be used.